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We have ONE mission – to help you grow a thriving dog training business without the overwhelm!

We help positive dog trainers to cut through the overwhelm and create actionable goals while providing the support and accountability to make sure you meet your goals and grow your business – and your impact!

transform your business from stressful and unorganized to purposeful and growing

I know you have a vision you want to bring to life for your dog training business but you can’t see the steps to achieving it. 

not having clear a clear action plan is costing you your dreams

Maybe you’ve done every free training you’ve come across, downloaded those resources and religiously follow threads in business Facebook groups but you’re no closer to having the business you dream of… yet!

There’s so much advice out there that you aren’t even sure what to work on first.  Or even who to trust?

Taking advice from free groups can be risky – it’s impossible to know who is actually successful and following the crowd might actually be harming your business long term.  After all, just like each dog that we work with, each business is unique. 

generic business advice is for generic businesses – and you’re anything but!

Are you ready to cut through the noise and get expert advise tailored to your situation?

Would you like to have a close knit group of like-minded peers to bounce ideas off or guide you along the path to success?

Join Trainers Growth Group today and get it (and so much more)!

you can make a good living training dogs... you just need a little help!

Trainers’ Growth Group is made up of real, practical business advice from successful dog trainers & business owners who have tried it all, failed and learned how to make it work. 

Formed by a group of skilled dog trainers and savvy small business owners, Trainers Growth Group is about mentorship, motivation, support and accountability because working for yourself doesn’t have to be hard and lonely!

Joining our community pushes you beyond your comfort zone to accomplish more faster in a safe, gentle way. 



Imagine having a support system that encourages you to grow with care and compassion.

Imagine your business growing in a way that is intentional and purposeful – creating meaningful impact on the world and serving the people who really need you.

Imagine waking up every day knowing your “to-do” list is full of tasks that are actually growing your business and not just tasks that keep you busy. 

Imagine feeling confident enough to go LIVE on social media, create a successful ad, launch a new program or dream a big dream.  

Imagine being able to take time off for a trial – or even a vacation – without stressing about marketing, clients or money.

Imagine the possibilities.



Trainers’ Growth Group is the industry’s firstmembership program that includes mentorship from industry experts.

We’ve designed the group to empower positive dog trainers to grow their business – and their impact.  We want to help you bring kind and effective dog training to as many clients as you can.

The group is great for brand new dog trainers who want to start their business with a clear plan and expert advice to avoid struggling. 

BUT, it is also a wonderful addition to any business. 

We are prepared to meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to be. 

This isn’t a course.  We don’t give you a lot of content or theory to consume.  The group is there when you need it but isn’t another thing to add to your growing to do list.

In fact, the whole point is to prioritize and shrink your to-do list by replacing busy items with real projects that move your business forward.  Or to have a sounding board for new offerings, projects or problems. 

Having a go-to group of trusted professionals who genuinely care about you and your business is priceless. 

Stop just getting by and start buidling a business that supports you and your dreams.

“You are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.” – Jim Rhon

What’s Included?

Support & Encouragement

Above all else, this group is about supporting and encouraging positive dog trainers to grow their skills – business and otherwise!  

Accountability to get things done

Weekly threads help keep you on track (if you need it) so that your goals don’t become another incomplete to-do list.  It’s fact that publically stating your goals means you are more likely to achieve them.

Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Bi-weekly Zoom calls are where you can get a little extra personalized help and coaching with whatever challenges you are facing in your business.  It’s also a great opportunity to connect with like-minded colleagues.

Access to Previous Content and Webinars

We’ve accumulated a library of helpful webinars and posts including webinars of lesson planning, automation of emails & tasks, dealing with difficult clients, a Swipe file of email templates for new inquiries and follow ups and so much more!


We will help you create clear goals, determine which ones are most important and execute an action plan to complete your goals. 

Quarterly Business Planning Workbook

Paired with a live “do it with you” call, we’ll take a look at what you’ve accomplished in your business and set goals for the quarter ahead to keep you focused and growing.

Monthly Webinars & LIVE learning

Each month we will present on topics related to your business and how to increase efficiency, profits and more. 

Topics we routine discuss in the group include:

– creating profitable programs for your services
– ways to market your business to get more client
– advertising on FB and Google the right way
– marketing strategies & analysis
– creating videos & online programs


– structuring your private lessons, day training, group classes or board and train
– effective social media strategies
– client communication methods
– email marketing & automation
– hiring and managing employees
– and much more…. 

Meet the Founders

We’re so exited that you are considering joining us in Trainers’ Growth Group. 

We know that this community is going to impact your business and your life!

We’re Jamie and Michael Badial and we help positive dog trainers learn how to run their businesses effectively by consistently marketing, improving their processes and taking a closer look at their financial planning.

We own Best Paw Forward based in Perkasie, Pa, a successful dog training business in a saturated, highly competitive market in the Philadelphia suburbs.  We took our business from the ground up and with just the two of us went from grossing $12k in 2012 (our first year in business) to over six figures in 2016 and even doubled our revenue in 2020 during a global pandemic.  In 2021, we now have 5 full time trainers, are building a facility and are growing by over 100k per year.

Since 2017, we’ve been the admins of the DTU: Marketing and Running an R+ Dog Biz group on Facebook where we’ve made it our mission to help other positive dog trainers to grow their business – and their income.

Along with our admin team, we’ve been hosting Trainers Growth Group since July 2019 and successfully helped dog trainers to gain clarity in their business, be more productive, increase efficiency and make more money.


Want to meet the rest of the team?  Find them here.

Monthly Payments


Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls

Goal Setting Webinar & Weekly Prompts

Check-ins for Motivation & Accountability

Quarterly Business & Goal Planning w/ Workbook and Coaching Call

Library of recorded webinars & resources

Daily access to expert help on all things business


Quarterly Payments


Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls

Goal Setting Webinar & Weekly Prompts

Check-ins for Motivation & Accountability

Quarterly Business & Goal Planning w/ Workbook and Coaching Call

Library of recorded webinars & resources

Daily access to expert help on all things business


Semi-Annual Payments


Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls

Goal Setting Webinar & Weekly Prompts

Check-ins for Motivation & Accountability

Quarterly Business & Goal Planning w/ Workbook and Coaching Call

Library of recorded webinars & resources

Daily access to expert help on all things business


* Membership automatically renews according to the plan selected.  To cancel your membership renewal, please contact us at least 2 business days before your processing date*

Trainers Growth Group is action.. and accountability.. and support all in one group, best investment in my company ever”

– Kelly K.

Love this group! Best investment into my business (and self) ever! The support is outstanding. The resources are excellent. And it’s amazing to have a place to turn when some question pops up that I don’t have a good answer for. Love the feedback.”

– Jo F.

“It’s amazing how much can change in a year. Look at me now. Naming my schedule and taking vacations whenever I want. 

Ok, time off when I want. Vacations are coming.

I had no idea that i was about to join this group and be asked the simplest, most life changing question (maybe a little dramatic, but it was a very pivotal moment): “Do you have a date for when you will stop dog walking and go full time with training?”

I honestly can’t remember if it was Jamie or Michael, but thank you both — and everyone else — for all the help in this group. I’m at the point where I can think of and use my business as a tool to help me achieve my goals (still working on what those goals are) instead of just creating a job for myself.”

– Jessica Greenleaf

“I now have enough business to fill 2 schedules, my own and my employee.

The monthly and weekly goals helped to keep me on the path to reach the bigger goals for my business and keep me focused on the things that actually matter and not the things that i think i should be doing.”

 — Crystal P.

“I love TGG and am benefiting greatly from participating in it.

Being part of a positive and supportive group has made it easier for me to do some things that I struggled with on the past.”

 – Sarah L.

Together, we can accomplish more!

Join other highly ambitious dog trainers like yourself on this journey of entrepreneurship.

Have questions?  Email us at